Friday, May 20, 2011

In Rehearsal with Light Opera Works:Q&A with Emily Rogers

Hello once again Blog Buddies! Kyle here again. Last week I chatted with the beautiful
Emilie Lynn who is playing Jane in our upcoming production of Brigadoon. The show is now in its fourth week of rehearsals. On Tuesday we had a designer run thru. So... that means we are getting close to getting into costumes and on a set at Cahn Auditorium! This week, I have interviewed one of the most beautiful dancers I have seen in a while, Emily Rogers, who is playing Jean( I am already humming "Go Home with Bonnie Jean") Well enough humming here is what Emily had to say! Don't forget to check back next Thursday for another Q and A!

Full given name:

Emily Ariel Kass DiVries Rogers


Evanston, IL

Current audition song:

The Lady is a Tramp

Special skills:

Putting babies to sleep, making cappuccinos, playing the piano

Skill/talent you wish you had or were better at:

Remembering things, break-dancing, and sign language

First musical you ever saw:

Anything Goes

Three favorite musicals:

The Last 5 Years, Cabaret, My Fair Lady

Favorite showtune of all time:

Maybe This Time, Cabaret

The one performance – attended - that you will never forget:

Fuerza Bruta

What has been your most embarrassing moment on stage?

While singing the most exciting part of Cabaret, I fell, face first, off of the bench I was standing on. I had to continue the song while swallowing tears, and bleeding from both shins.

Last book you read:

Overcoming Math Anxiety

Last good movie you saw:

Get Him To The Greek

Must-see TV show:

Downtown Abbey, PBS Mini-series

Three greatest TV shows of all time:

Jeeves and Wooster, The Office, Poirot-- A Mobile Masterpiece Mystery

Tell me the story of your First stage kiss:

Junior year of highschool, The Foreigner. I had just broken up with Reverend David Marshall Lee and was also an ex-girlfriend to Froggy LeSeur. The kiss was awkward for the both of us, and my ex-boyfriend watching. It's a fantastic memory to look back on.

Favorite or most memorable onstage role as a child/teenager:

Margot in Stuart Little. The boy who played Stuart was so little, and I was so tall, that he had to climb on my back as I "flew" around the stage. Priceless.

Worst job you ever had:

I was a night nurse for two years, and had to work 11p-7a Monday through Thursday!

Who would play you in the movie?

Shirley Temple

Three things you can't live without:

Liverwurst, sparkling water, and my partner in crime/fiance.

Finish this sentence: "I'll never understand why…"

...people shorten the word 'probably' to 'prolly'. It isn't all.

Click HERE for tickets to Brigadoon

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