Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sandwich Wednesday

Sandwich Wednesday is a longstanding tradition in the Light Opera Works administrative offices. Its origins (sometime last summer) are lost in the mists of time, but basically it involves food, as do all good traditions.

Fortunately for Sandwich Wednesday, we have a fantastic sandwich shop right across the street (in fact, a couple of them, but this one is also a sponsor, so they get the mention!) Rollin' to Go (on Noyes across the street from the L station) has great sandwiches, as well as personal-sized pizzas, made fresh while you wait, a couple of different soups or chilis every day, and the best potato soup in Chicago, but only from November to March.

If you came to one of this summer's Musical Theater Summer Workshop performances, you probably ate one of the delicious cookies that owner Tim Camastro donated for our weekly "bake sales" that help support the Workshop's scholarship program.

Next time you're dropping in on us at Noyes Center, drop in on Rollin' To Go, too, or have a sandwich at one of our other delicious restaurant sponsors, like Prairie Moon, Lulu's, Trattoria DOC, Whole Foods, Dixie Kitchen, or the Globe Cafe, all in Evanston.

Even if it isn't Wednesday!

And thanks Business Manager Mike Kotze, Box Office Manager Christopher Riley and Production Manager Paige Keedy for joining the Sandwich Wednesday silliness!)