Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where would you want Daddy Warbucks to take YOU?

It's been another great summer with the kids! Just one more workshop performance this Saturday at 4, of Willy Wonka. It's free, so join us for a great show at our Second Stage, 1420 Maple in Evanston, IL.

One of the things we do every week is to ask our young actors a question relating to the Musical they have been working on. For "Annie," the question was "Where would you want Daddy Warbucks to take YOU?" Check out their answers here:

Katherine: The Weasley’s house
Jensen: Costa Rica
Elana: Somewhere far, far away!
Katerina: The Bahamas to catch lizards
Juliana: Jamaica
Delaney: Jamaica
Lily: Maine
Eva: Washington, D.C. to meet the President
Rileigh: Poland
A. Odeline: The best place in the world
Brianna: To Hawaii
Remy: 6 Flags and Hurricane Harbor
Sofia: Around the world
Corbin: Around the world in every transportation
Isabelle: Boston
Meg: Around the world in a private jet and submarine
Jane: Sanibel Island
Lucy: Germany, Poland, Ireland, Scotland, all around the world in modern times in Disney World
Alexa: Greece
Lillie: Hogwarts
Lily: Cruise around the world
Firouz: Bora Bora, French Polynesia, a 5 ... no, a 10 star hotel
Laurel: Around the world, including 6 Flags and climbing the Eiffel Tower
Aurora: Middle Earth or Candyland
Julia: A beautiful, mystical, relaxing private wonderland island
Katy: Katyland!
Sophie: Hawaii
Madeline: Cape Canaveral
Eileen: Hawaii
Erin: Ireland or the North Pole
Lindsay: Narnia
Gabriel: Camp Echo
Olivia: Africa
Kinsey: Candyland
Olivia: The beach in Cuba
Talia: Every amusement park in the world
Quinn: Rainforest to swing w/ howler monkeys
Katherine: Hawaii
Isabelle: India and the Netherlands
Maya: To take a few friends on a cruise
Claire: To Australia

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