Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Where would you want Daddy Warbucks to take YOU?

Every week at our Summer Musical Theatre Workshop, we ask our young students a question relating to the Musical they are working on. For "Annie," the question was "Where would you want Daddy Warbucks to take YOU?"

Katherine: The Weasley's house
Jensen: Costa Rica
Elana: Somewhere far, far away!
Katerina: The Bahamas to catch lizards
Juliana: Jamaica
Delaney: Jamaica
Lily: Maine
Eva: Washington D.C. to meet the President
Rileigh: Poland
A. Odeline: The best place in the world
Brianna: Hawaii
Remy: 6 Flags and Hurricane Harbor
Sofia: Around the world
Corbin: Around the world in every transportation
Isabelle: Boston
Meg: Around the world in a private jet and submarine
Jane: Sanibel Island
Lucy: Germany, Poland, Ireland, Scotland, all around the world in modern times in Disney World
Alexa: Greece
Lillie: Hogwarts
Lily: Cruise around the world
Firouz: Bora Bora, French Polynesia, a 5... no a 10 star hotel
Laurel: Around the world, including 6 Flags and climbing the Eiffel Tower
Aurora: Middle Earth or Candyland
Julia: A beautiful, mystical, relaxing private wonderland island
Katy: Katyland
Sophie: Hawaii
Madeline: Cape Canaveral
Eileen: Hawaii
Erin: Ireland or the North Pole
Lindsay: Narnia
Gabriel: Camp Echo
Olivia: Africa
Kinsey: Candyland
Olivia: The beach in Cuba
Talia: Every amusement park in the world
Quinn: Rainforest to swing with howler monkeys
Katherine: Hawaii
Isabelle: India and the Netherlands
Maya: To take a few friends on a cruise
Claire: Australia

I think I'd like to join them on a few of these trips!

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