Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gifts from Little Buttercup- HMS Pinafore

This past weekend, our Summer Musical Theatre Workshop students performed their version of Gilbert and Sullivan's "HMS Pinafore." In this operetta, there is a "plump and pleasing" dock vendor named Little Buttercup who comes onto the British warship HMS Pinafore to sell her gifts to the crew. We asked our students what they would buy from Buttercup... and who they would give their gift to!

Ben: Tea for my mom
Kamari: Houses for people in Africa
Claire: Wrigley Field for my brother
Asia: A mansion for my best friend
Abigail: A lifetime supply of KMR (milk substitute) for my best friend
Ben: $$$ for the country
Raina: A million necklaces for people who are worthy
Danny: 2 money making machines (1 for Haiti and 1 for Japan)
Lillian: A rainbow for my family
Molly: A bag of money (never ending supply) for my family
Abigail: A new speedboat for Dad
Quavan: Money for my family
Kayla: A star for my best friends
Erin: A piece of the moon for my cousin
Olivia: A trampoline for my family
Aurora: A unicorn for my science teacher
Katy: A mushroom that keeps growing for my sister
Sophie: Wings for my sister
Raven: A cloud-pillow so my mom could sleep better
Jack: A new surfboard for Dad
William: A pretty dress for my mom
Charlie: A new DS for my brother
Anna: A cloud to give to my entire family

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