Friday, August 26, 2011

Midwest New Musicals

Are you a composer, lyricist, or playwright interested in learning more about musical theatre structure? Consider taking part in this year’s Midwest New Musicals workshop. Midwest New Musicals is a writers workshop and development program conducted by John Sparks, the Artistic Director for the Academy of New Musical Theatre in Los Angeles, in association with Light Opera Works.

The Midwest New Musicals Core Curriculum is an intensive program that assists writers through the process of creating a new musical. Writers explore the use of music, lyrics, and dialogue through hands-on assignments that introduce them to musical theatre forms and collaborative techniques.

Writers study the structure of the full musical book and score. The study and writing process leads to a mini-musical project where participants create short musicals for a pre-selected ensemble and production team. This project culminates in a formal public presentation and an evaluation.

Upon completion, writers may be invited to an ongoing forum of writing peers to participate in reading intensives, workshops, and to meet with theatre companies and producers locally and across the country.

Midwest New Musicals Core Curriculum program meets monthly on Chicago's North Shore in two four-hour sessions on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 1:30pm.

Fall Term: September 24&25 2011, October 22&23, November 19&20, December 17&18, January 21&22 2012

Winter/Spring Term: February 18&19 2012, March 17&18, April 21&22, May 19&20, June 23&24

The Mini-Musical writing, revisions, rehearsals, and performances take place from April through June 2012 on a schedule determined by the writers, actors, and directors involved.

Enrollment Form and Fees Information:

Enrollment forms are available here or at Light Opera Works’ offices at 927 Noyes in Evanston. Along with the enrollment form, applicants must include:

For Bookwriters: Include resume, two short contrasting scenes (or 4-5 pages of prose if you have not written plays/screenplays/musicals) and a brief statement that defines your interest in writing the book of a musical.

For Composers: Include resume, a recording and piano-vocal score of 2 contrasting songs (or instrumental music, including 3-4 pages of piano score or orchestration) and a brief statement that defines your interest in writing music for the theater.

For Lyricists: Include resume, a lyric sheet, and a recording (if possible) for 2 contrasting songs, and a brief statement that defines you interest in writing lyrics for the theater.

Fees: $645 per term or $1,200 if enrolling in two terms in advance. The fall term is the pre-requisite for the winter/spring term. Application fee (non-refundable): $25

For more information on the Workshop curriculum or to discuss your experience level, contact John Sparks at 323-371-8205 or For more information on the Workshop fees/payment contact Light Opera Works Box Office at 847-869-6300 or visit our website.

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