Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Can you hear me now?

Sound engineer Daniel Black gets ready for C'est la vie.

Thank you to our generous donors for the brand new sound system that is making our current show on the Second Stage, C'est la vie, merveilleux.

The system, designed by TC Furlong, features an Allen & Heath ZED-428 24 channel mixer, K12 mains and a snake by Whirlwind (don't be alarmed, herpetophobes--it's a kind of bundled audio cable). Individual donors sponsored various components, including the channel mixer at $1,438.33, 8 acoustical panels, lengths of cable (a bargain at $39.86!), and speakers.

General Manager Bridget McDonough "auctioned" the system, one component at a time, at our recent Wine, Chocolate, & Song benefit at the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian. Each donor gets our eternal thanks (and our patrons' eternal thanks for the great sound upgrade at the Second Stage), and a full tax deduction for making a charitable gift to the company.

If you'd like to help with a few components that haven't found a donor yet, go to Make a Donation on our web page, or call us at 847-869-6300. Everyone who makes a donation for the sound system will be invited to a special event featuring a tour of the system.

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