Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You never know who you might see!

When the Light Opera Works box office recommends one of our Dining Partners it’s not just because they’re donors.

Well, okay, it is because they’re donors. But we went to them in the first place because these are actually our favorite places to eat.

The cast and crew of Camelot have been enjoying a giant bag of fresh organic cherries from Whole Foods Evanston at every rehearsal this month. You never know—you might find some (cherries, that is, but cast and crew as well!) at the Opening Night Reception, because Whole Foods Evanston is providing the food. (To find out how you can attend, go to our Donations page.)

You’ll spot Production Associate Kyle Dougan at Dixie Kitchen. It’s his favorite restaurant; he always takes his out-of-town family and friends there.

If you want to run into General Manager Bridget McDonough, just pop into the Globe Café on Orrington Street—you might see her having lunch with one of our angels.

Everyone on staff still likes to make a Sandwich Wednesday run to Rollin’ To Go, in our old neighborhood on Noyes Street in Evanston. Development consultant Xan Nelson can be seen in there as well, as she is addicted to their White Chicken Chili.

Drop into any of our Dining Partners and don't forget to mention Light Opera Works for discounts and special offers. Evanston is packed with great food, right around the corner from the theater! (And there are more all the time, so keep checking back.)

Where do you like to eat before the show?

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